Square & Compasses No. 89 June 2019

Trust is something precious that is earned and my friend had done just that. Would he willingly expose me to danger? I trusted him, overcame my concerns and experienced a whole new world that opened up to me. The Lodge was full, the ambiance electrifying and, as many of us have experienced, a number of friends and acquaintances, unknown to me as Brethren, were there to greet me.

The Square and Compasses No 89 June 2019

Square & Compasses No. 87 April 2019

The practice of Brotherly love is one of the major attributes that separates Freemasonry from so many other civil and social organisations. If we merely pay lip service to it, we are no different to anybody else. Brethren; we are special; we are very special. We need to remember this at all times and make sure that we continue to value and practice those distinguishing characteristics that make us so special.

The Square and Compasses No 87 April 2019