Square & Compasses No. 85 February 2019

During life, we will undertake many physical journeys. These will be defined by a known destination. A beginning in the now and a known end point. Can you buy a ticket when you cannot specify the physical destination? An expedition however needs only a purpose or an intention. An expedition is a journey into the unknown. The Square and Compasses No 85 […]

Square & Compasses No. 84 January 2019

Ever since man in the northern hemisphere reflected on the passing of the seasons and developed a calendar to measure time in relation to the movement of these seasons, this time of the year has been associated with rebirth. New years’ eve is a traditional festival dating back thousands of years. The Square and Compasses […]

A Grand Lodge of South Africa Mason makes his mark in Africa

Wor. Brother Michael Watkins    (Past Grand Ambassador) lives in Kampala and has for many years administered our Masonic Education Documents by answering requests for Masonic educational articles and forwarding them to Masons and the Profane. Requests for information from Masons North of South Africa are always directed to the relevant authority. Now in his […]