Provincial Grand Secretary.
Seer Agb.Br. / Wor. Bro. R W Schreuder
The Secretary, Provincial Grand Lodge ED.
25 Hunt Road, Glenwood, Durban, 4001.
Tel: 031 201 4428
Faks/Fax: 031 201 4428
Email: secretaryeastern@grandlodge.co.za

Provincial Grand Officers & Lodges of the Eastern Division

Current Provincial Grand Officers of the Eastern Division

  • Rt Wor Bro (Dr.) F C A Roodt   Provincial Grand Master
  • Wor Bro B de Kock                   Dep. Provincial Grand Master
  • Wor Bro W Murphy                 Assist. Provincial Grand Master
  • W Bro W Murphy                     Assist. Provincial Grand Master
  • W Bro A M van Rooyen            PG Senior Warden
  • W Bro R J vanRensburg          PG   Junior Warden
  • W Bro  B J de Kock                  PG Preceptor
  • Rt W Bro E A Cahill                 PG Orator
  • W Bro R W Schreuder             PG Secretary
  • W Bro Joh. v d Merwe            PG Treasurer
  • W Bro W N Johnson               PG Master of Ceremonies
  • W Bro T V Neveling                PG Assist. Master of Ceremonies
  • W Bro D E Scholz                   PG First Preparator
  • W Bro E R Verheijen              PG Second Preparator
  • W Bro E A Cahill                   P G Almoner
  •  Vacant                                     P G Ambassador
  •  Vacant                                    PG Architect
  • W Bro C Mathee                   PG Sword Bearer
  • W Bro G Nel                           PG Banner Bearer
  • W Bro  Dir. of Music             B C Hedges
  • W Bro  M J McKelvey          PG Inner Guard
  • W Bro E C Rawstone            PG Tyler

Past Provincial Grand Masters of the Eastern Division

Under the Grand Lodge of South Africa

  • 1977    Dr. C. G. Hamilton OSM (Natal Division)
  • 1981    H. R. France
  • 1983    L. B. Marais
  • 1987    A. A. R. Alexander  OSM
  • 1995    G. L. N. Schuitemaker  OSM  (Eastern Division)
  • 2000    R. C. Hinrichs
  • 2004    L J Fourie
  • 2007    C J C Inggs
  • 2011    F M V Muhlenbeck
  • 2015    (Dr) F C A Roodt

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Location & Directions to the Eastern Division Lodges

7 lodges

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7 lodges

Meeting day & Meeting week for Eastern Division

Neerlandia No.31

Founded: 1922

Regular meetings are held at 25 Hunt Road, Durban on the 1st March/June/August/October Wednesday of the month. The installation is held in June.

Location: 25 Hunt Road, Durban

Wor. Master: Rt W Bro F M V Muhlenbeck
 082 451 5057

Secretary: R W Schreuder
Tel: 082 786 1410

Dromedaris No.77

Founded: 1957

Regular meetings are held in Pietermaritzburg on the 2nd Thursday of the month. The installation is held in August.

Location: Pietermaritzburg

Wor. Master: W Bro M (Bushy) Mc Kelvey
Tel: 082 672 1788

Secretary: Mathew (Bushy) McKelvey
Tel: 081 813 7975

Theophilus No.107

Founded: 1971

Regular meetings are held in Margate on the 2nd Monday of the month. The installation is held in July.

Location: Margate

Wor. Master: Eric Scholtz 
 083 455 9651

Secretary: W Bro Grant  Futter
Tel: 083 434 2259

Meerensee No.118

Founded: 1975

Regular meetings are held in Empangeni on the 3rd Thursday of the month. The installation is held in April.

Location: Empangeni

Wor. Master: Gert Nel
Tel: 082 3269022
Email: meerenseeWM@grandlodge.co.za

Secretary: Rt W (Dr) F C A Roodt
Tel: 082 553 3819
Email: meerensee@grandlodge.co.za

Mngeni No.134

Founded: 1986

Regular meetings are held at 25 Hunt Rd, Durban on the 4th Thursday of the month. The installation is held in February.

Location: Hunt Rd, Durban

Wor. Master: P J Jones
 082 962 1062

Secretary: R W (Rodney) Schreuder
Tel: 082 786 1410

First United No.140

Founded: 2008

Regular meetings are held at 381 Berea Rd, Durban on the 1st Thursday of the month. The installation is held in October.

Location: Berea Rd, Durban

Wor. Master: . Joh. v d Merwe
 083 301 0219

Secretary: Basil de Kock
Tel:082 440 6555
Email: firstunited@grandlodge.co.za

Isandlwana No.141

Founded: 2013

Regular meetings are held in Durban on the 5th Wednesday of the month in Jan/March/June/September . The installation is held in June

Location: Durban

Wor. Master:  W Bro (Dr) F C A Roodt
Tel: 082 553 3819
Email: isandlwanaWM@grandlodge.co.za

Secretary: F M V Muhlenbeck
Tel:   082 451 5057