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  1. Gabriel Marais
    Gabriel Marais says:

    As past WM of Lodge Kaapstad and as Secretary, the writer of the Lodge Kaapstad News letter, I am astounded at the lack of support and participation by fellow brethren

    • Grand Lodge
      Grand Lodge says:

      Bro Marais, take a number as they say. Would you please add me to your distribution list of your newsletter? A am sure there must be items that would be appreciated by the Profane.
      When I see something I appreciate I will post on the site after checking with you.
      The easiest way is to approach your problem When you have something to publish approach the GM he is the local webmaster, or Bro Cedric M who is his assistant.
      The only way to get BB and All is to publish new items so that they are motivated to read “What is New?”
      Fraternal greetings


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