1 Month, 1 Mason – Wor Bro Riaan Croucamp

My Masonic journey started off with one of my favourite subjects – Rugby. I never knew about Freemasonry and had no clue of what this organization stood for. I joined Freemasonry in June 1996 after I was asked by a colleague if I am not interested in joining “die Losie”. I told my friend that […]

World Record Attempt – Wor Bro Matthew “Bushie” McKelvie

Every once in a while, you count yourself fortunate to know a truly remarkable person. One such person being Bro Matthew “Bushie” McKelvey, a bilateral amputee following a vehicle accident. This extraordinary brother is currently on a motorbike at Phakisa Oval in the Freestate attempting to set a new Guinness World Record for the Longest […]

1 Month, 1 Mason – MW Bro. John Smith OSM MSA

I had heard the word Freemasonry mentioned by my parents and grandparents in conversation but as neither my father nor grandfathers nor other male relatives were Freemasons, I had not paid much attention to it. When I was 13 or 14 however my father was initiated in Lodge De Vereeniging, no. 3 on the role of the Grand Lodge of South Africa in Graaff-Reinet. In those days the members did not speak about Freemasonry and my elder brother and I were forbidden to open our father’s Masonic suitcase.

1 Month, 1 Mason – Bro. Patson Malisa

” Freemasonry is a lifelong contract to develop oneself, using the tools made available in the craft’s system of morality; in order to achieve perfect harmony with your brethren, and just service to your community and world.”    RW Bro Malcolm Lòtter, Past Grand Junior Warden and was a Deputy Provincial Grand Master, GLSA Freemasonry […]

1 Month, 1 Mason – Bro. Senzo Mnyango

I first learned about Freemasonry around 2013 via a program on the National Geographic channel. That started the curiosity as they were explaining that Freemasonry is a secret society. Following the program, I decided to research about Freemasonry, which is when I came across the website of the Grand Lodge of South Africa.  There I […]

1 Month, 1 Mason – WBro. Jeremy Rundle

Everyone has their own reasons for joining, some need friendship while others, like myself, have the need to improve themselves continually. Freemasonry gives me that. It gives me the tools using lessons developed over more than 300 years to improve myself daily and make me a better version of myself every day.

1 Month, 1 Mason – WBro. Juan de Villiers

Since an early age I struggled just accepting life as it was, with its man-made rules, religion and ‘set ways’ of previous generations. This of course gave my parents grey hair and resulted in me being pointed at as the ‘difficult’ one, especially in Sunday school. What people just didn’t understand is that my reluctance […]