Bro. Denzil McVie. A member of Lodge First United, No. 140 in Durban

My name is Denzil McVie; I am a father and a proud Freemason.

One of the traditions to become a Freemason is to know one and to ask to become one. Unfortunately for me, I did not know any. Fortunately for me, one of the worlds oldest fraternities has kept up with the times we live in. I simply sent an email to the Grand Lodge of South Africa to enquire about the order. To my surprise, I received a response the very next day inviting me to meet the members of a lodge and to get more information on what Freemasonry is.

You must know before I sent my email. I always had a deep longing to know what Freemasonry is seeing as there seem to be more mysteries than known facts about the order. There is a fact I can mention which is there are more men who have changed the world to be a better place belonging to this order than any other. One can always look at the slogan of Freemasonry “Making good men better” and draw many questions on how this can be done?

Once the responding via email was complete, I was invited to a festive board (this is a meal after a lodge meeting takes place). There I was introduced to some of the most knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming people I have ever met. I guess, from that moment I knew I was in great company.

After several months and several festive boards (which always had some great food) and getting to know the members, I was then invited to join. An invitation I was happy to accept.
I also received some of the best news anyone could have, I was going to be a father.

There I was two months before my son was born, I was then initiated into Lodge First United no. 140 on the role of the Grand Lodge of South Africa at the age of 25. At the time, I was the youngest member to join one of the youngest lodges in the world (the lodge been 9 years old). My Masonic career took off like a rocket out of a hunger to learn the craft. I put my name forward for most lodge activities, I visited most of the other lodges within my area and lodges afar. Meeting new and interesting Masons was always something I personally hold in high regard. After many lodge events and educational lectures, I was passed from the second degree to the third degree, which is known as a Master Mason. This I owe it all to my brethren within my lodge who have kept the fire of brotherhood, benevolence and charity alive and well within Freemasonry. Becoming a Master Mason is a great achievement for any mason. One I am hugely honoured to have and exceedingly proud to hold.

Being dedicated to the craft and my development in it. I have learned what Freemasonry is and what it is not. I can tell you that it really is an order that supports benevolence, charity, respect, honesty and education. Being around men who hold these values have only grown and strengthened my own. I can say with great confidence, I will pass these precious values on to my son and every person I meet. I guess in me writing about my experiences so far gives an understanding of the slogan of Freemasonry “Making good men better”. If you surround yourself with the best of people, you become the best of people.

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