Please be aware that there are numerous scamsters pretending to be official or regular Masonic organisations. They are advertising easy entry into Freemasonry (and/or the Illuminati) with promises of great riches and business successes. They require the unwary applicant to make significant payments to get his application attended to.

It is important that people realise that no regular Masonic body will request any payments until all interviews and personal meetings have been completed. Once these have been attended to and the applicant has been advised of his acceptance, an invoice for his joining and subscription fees will be presented and he will be required to pay the Masonic organisation concerned.

No regular Masonic organisation will promise you financial rewards or personal wealth and Freemasonry has NO connection to the Illuminati.

Should you wish to become a Freemason, please make very sure that you are applying to a genuine Masonic organisation such as the Grand Lodge of South Africa

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