Square and Compasses – 143 December 2023

 Maintaining a positive, constructive environment is crucial for promoting the well-being of our Order! Destructive behaviour and negativity hinder progress, demotivate members and ultimately undermines the organisation’s goals. I hope that the points which follow will assist each and every one of us to stop destructive behaviour and reverse the negativity which has infiltrated in […]

Square and Compasses – 144 February 2024

 Initiation rites steeped in tradition, mysticism and symbolism, have permeated human societies for millennia,. These rites mark transitions into new phases of life, knowledge, or spiritual understanding. Our Order is no different, in that our ceremonies hold a unique allure, drawing individuals into the realms of the mysteries of our ancient and honourable craft.  We […]

Square and Compasses – 145 March 2024

 Freemasonry, as we all recognise it, is a centuries-old fraternal Order. It has been a subject of intrigue and fascination for many. Its relevance in our modern world can be examined through various lenses, including its historical significance, its core principles, and its impact on society.  The understanding of the historical context of Freemasonry is […]

Square and Compasses – 146 April 2024

 Freemasonry is considered to be a secret society, beleaguered by misconceptions, bias and ignorance.  Countering these misconceptions is an important task requiring critical thinking and open-mindedness. It is crucial to address and challenge these misconceptions in order to foster a more inclusive and informed society about what Freemasonry really is.  As members we are regularly […]

Square and Compasses – 147 May 2024

 The Grand Master, MW Bro Godfrey Place, accompanied by a number of our Brethren including the Southern PGM, RW Bro Raymond Eyiomen, the Grand Senior Warden, RW Bro Rex Ingle and various others, attended the Benin Installation of their new Grand Master, who is a regular visitor to South Africa, MW Bro Matthieu Lawson. Godfrey […]

Square and Compasses – 138 July 2023

 The world in which we currently live is very different to that of 5 or 10 years ago, let alone the time when we were children. As a young adult and then a parent I was determined to avoid having a generation gap between myself and my children. I now have to grudgingly admit to […]

Square and Compasses – 131 December 2022

Globally, this year has been a year of war, protests, uncertainty and depression, but also of hope. We were shocked by the outbreak of the war in Eastern Europe and the continued consequences hereof. We watched with interest as several of the favourite teams were eliminated in the soccer World Cup and we rejoiced with […]

Square and Compasses – 130 November 2022

Freemasons believe in a Supreme Being and our faith in the GAOTU, our hope for the future, and our love for each other should be constant and real. If we lose our faith, we lose hope. If we lose hope, we lose the capacity to love one another. Things may happen and situations may occur […]

Square and Compasses – 129 October 2022

The dictionary defines a “Mentor” as a “Trusted Advisor” and tells us that “Mentorship” is guidance provided by a more experienced person. Although the word “Mentor” is not used in the VSL, the concept of “Mentorship” is often referred to therein. In Proverbs 15 we read: Plans fail for lack of guidance, but with many […]

Square and Compasses – 128 September 2022

A Freemason with integrity is an honest man who demonstrates sound moral and ethical principles – the foundation on which his Masonic brothers can build a relationship of trust with him. If any member finds these expectations conflict with the way in which he lives his life, then he should seriously consider whether he is […]