Square and Compasses – 131 December 2022

Globally, this year has been a year of war, protests, uncertainty and depression, but also of hope. We were shocked by the outbreak of the war in Eastern Europe and the continued consequences hereof. We watched with interest as several of the favourite teams were eliminated in the soccer World Cup and we rejoiced with […]

Square and Compasses – 130 November 2022

Freemasons believe in a Supreme Being and our faith in the GAOTU, our hope for the future, and our love for each other should be constant and real. If we lose our faith, we lose hope. If we lose hope, we lose the capacity to love one another. Things may happen and situations may occur […]

Square and Compasses – 129 October 2022

The dictionary defines a “Mentor” as a “Trusted Advisor” and tells us that “Mentorship” is guidance provided by a more experienced person. Although the word “Mentor” is not used in the VSL, the concept of “Mentorship” is often referred to therein. In Proverbs 15 we read: Plans fail for lack of guidance, but with many […]

Square and Compasses – 128 September 2022

A Freemason with integrity is an honest man who demonstrates sound moral and ethical principles – the foundation on which his Masonic brothers can build a relationship of trust with him. If any member finds these expectations conflict with the way in which he lives his life, then he should seriously consider whether he is […]

Square and Compasses – 126 July 2022

Freemasonry is not only a worthwhile but an essential pastime for every good, honest, moral and honourable man. It has been well said that as we lose ourselves in the service of others, we discover our own lives and happiness.

Square and Compasses – 125 June2022

We successfully celebrated 250 years of Freemasonry in South Africa during the period between 22 to 26 June 2022. In total, we had almost 300 people sharing in our various events. These included foreign guests as well as Brethren from all 4 Constitutions and from all over South Africa. The foreign delegations were led by: […]

Square and Compasses – 124 May 2022

In 1875 the Cape Town Lodges participated in laying the foundation stone of the new Houses of Parliament. While it was laid by Sir Henry Barkly, the Governor of the Cape Colony, and all the heads of the State Departments, churches, civic societies and private business attended, it was the Netherlandic, English and Scottish Freemasons, […]

Square and Compasses – 123 April 2022

South African Freemasonry began with the formation of Lodge De Goede Hoop on 2 May 1772. This was under the GEN in Cape Town. By 1822 there were only 5 Masonic Lodges, all in Cape Town. 2 were under the GEN, 2 under the UGLE and 1 under both jurisdictions. During the next 50 years, […]

Square and Compasses – 122 March 2022

Lodge De Goede Hoop was formed in Cape Town on 2 May 1772. In 1778 Bro Francois Duminy, who had been initiated in France, joined the Lodge. Between 1772 and 1781 1 st and 2 nd degree meetings were held on the same day and the presiding master was elected and was installed on St […]

Square and Compasses – 121 February 2022

This year, in 2022, we are celebrating 250 years of Freemasonry in South Africa. Most Freemasons know or have heard that Freemasonry existed in Scotland from at least the late 1500s, that four Masonic Lodges formed the Grand Lodge of England in 1717 and that the Grand Lodges of Ireland, Scotland and France were formed […]